The magic of “Yes!”.

I’m thrilled to share with you a story and a painting I recently completed for the wonderful folks over at Townsite Brewing, a craft brewery right here on the Sunshine Coast in Powell River, BC.

The story starts in September of 2013 when I resigned from my regular job after a lengthy struggle with anxiety. Within days I received a call from Michelle at Townsite asking if I would be their exhibiting artist for the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. My inner response was panic, but I said “yes” and embraced the direction that the universe was pointing me in. 4 months later and a successful exhibition over, I was asked if I would like to be the 3rd artist to create a label for their ‘Hulks’ series of Belgian Beer. Again, I said “yes” and was committed to my first commission since becoming a full-time artist!

This commitment became drive and I began researching the topic for my commission, a Union Steamship called the SS Cardena. Said to have the most beautiful lines of any ship on the BC Coast, Cardena was also known for her faithful and reliable service to the settlements of the BC Coast, which she served for over 30 years. Cardena was built in 1922 by Napier and Miller in Scotland. If you’ve read my ‘about me’ page you’ll know that I too was made in Scotland, and this shared heritage made my commitment to this piece even deeper.SS Cardena

Townsite Brewing was recently nominated and won runner-up in the Community Impact category by the Horizon Business Awards. What a great job they do of supporting non-profits here in our City, and of their support of art and artists. As with any compliment, the trickle down effect of one positive investment goes so far. For me, the opportunity to expose my art, the reward of a paid commission and every other enjoyable part of this journey has made for a better ‘me’, and that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and being supported has shown its effects in my daily life and especially as I move among others.

The magic of “Yes” has given me a solid base from which to continue this path. Despite the nerves, self-doubt and all the other stuff we talk ourselves out of things for, grabbing that bull and creating something definite out of the unknown has been such a complete and rewarding lesson for me.

So I say “Cheers!”, “Yes!” and  a sincere “Thank you” to everyone who had a hand in this realization and validation.

Now go get some beer!

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