Labor and Love

Beginning a new painting and I’m suddenly full of the joys that accompany those first few brush strokes. Those ones that hold so much promise, so much wonder and glee. I must however put this into perspective as I think back to just 2 weeks ago, running on 2 hours sleep after a mammoth late night painting session to complete my latest ‘masterpiece’, a 5 ft canvas of a stunning local beach at low tide, strewn with hundreds of rocks.

September Tide

‘September Tide’ Oil on Canvas 60 x 30″

I remember in my sleep deprived hours comparing the painting process to giving birth…I am after all the proud mother of 2 lovely boys. Giving birth was painful. Both times. Painting, although joyous from those first brushstrokes also becomes painful, working through the color selections, composition, paint application, even brush selection. It can be tiring and ever so frustrating. But we do it again, and again because, when gazing upon what we created, the immense joy and satisfaction that we feel can be so great the pain simply disappears and here I go again, back to the labor. Back to the love.

Here’s an image of those first few hours of paint application. That joyous time I cling to and look forward to repeating. Not that the labor is truly awful, or perhaps it is, it’s just that the outcome is so satisfying.

blog piece 003

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