Challenge and Success!

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I last checked in. So much has happened, it would be difficult to recap, I will however attempt to give you a little insight into the past few months and the various challenges and successes I have had the pleasure to experience.

2014 ended with a bang! I was so pleased to see my largest piece to date find it’s forever home with a client from Alberta.

Early Spring was a quiet time of building work, in the knowledge of my first solo show upcoming, presented by Malaspina Art Society at our local Vancouver Island University campus. I was thrilled to offer a presentation to the grade 3 kids at a local independent school, on my life and work as an artist, my process and the importance of art within community. As Spring came to an end and summer hit hard, I was working night and day in preparation for my first solo show, ‘Into the Middle Distance’, a series of works I had created since resigning from my job, 20 months prior. The pre-show work, the hanging of the exhibition, and the ultimate outcome were all eyeopeners for me. A confusion over dates led to some heart pounding moments, but with the support of the local Art Society and the friendly staff at V.I.U, I was ready on time.'Into the Middle Distance' solo show by Anna May Bennett

Opening night was such a blast. I was overwhelmed with the turnout, support and sales. I remained on a high for a number of days after, and was eager to sink into something new, however with the kids out of school, I had to put that to the back of my mind. Instead of creating, the summer has been filled with kids, beaches and marketing. I participated in a group show in July with 6 other local artists at the newly created ‘Willingdon Gallery’, here in Powell River. This was my first formal group show and I felt so honored to show my work among the talents of such well known local artists as Rick Cepella, Meghan Hildebrand, Autumn Skye Morrison, Kerensa Haynes, Wendy Brown and Blake Drezet.

‘The Road to Sunray’ 18 x 38″ Oil on Canvas

Group Show at Willingdon Gallery, July 2015

Fast forward to August and the Filberg Festival, at which I was a juried artist for the 2nd year. Filberg Festival is a 4 day festival in the Comox Valley and brings the best in Arts, Crafts and Music to Western Canada. Preparation was long and arduous, stretching canvas prints, building boxes, checking inventory and display materials. The road (boat) to Filberg was refreshing however, and I took pleasure in my holiday away from the regular family tasks, and reveled in the support and admiration from the festival attendees.

And this brings me to now, August 18th, and the final weeks of Summer. I have no plans other than being with my family and silently generating ideas for future paintings and shows. For the future, I’m looking forward to travelling to Roberts Creek with a collective of Powell River artists as we take over the local hall for the popular ‘Sunshine Coast Art Crawl’ October 16-18, 2015. After that, I will focus on preparing for my first solo show beyond my local area at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, in August of 2016. It seems like a far off destination and time, but before I know it, I’ll be back into go mode, furiously painting to make a deadline, building boxes, checking inventory and so forth. And what’s really cool about all of this is that despite the stress, the last minute panic and the struggle to get organized, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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2 Responses to Challenge and Success!

  1. Melissa Hume says:

    Amazing Anna! You should be so proud of your accomplishments! Your work is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful work!! I wish I had seen it when you were here in the Creek, but I missed the crawl this year – I’ll be looking forward to your show at GPAG!

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