Connecting the Dots

I’ve just returned from a trip to Roberts Creek on the lower Sunshine Coast, where a group of 19 local Artists took to the road to participate in the 6th Annual ‘Sunshine Coast Art Crawl‘.

Calling ourselves Malaspina Artists, Powell River Art Ambassadors, we took our art and enthusiasm to the masses of visitors from the lower mainland and beyond. Working as a cohesive team, we provided a little slice of our lives and selves to those who visited our location, with both collective pride and shameless promotion of our home of Powell River.


I thoroughly enjoyed staying with this varied bunch at the Rolling Earth Farm in Roberts Creek. As Artists and community members, we always knew something of each other, and in the months of planning even more so. However, living and working together, supporting and lifting each other, has only served to strengthen these connections.


And other connections have been made, between studios and artists on the lower coast and clients and admirers of our art. One by one, ideas, thoughts and realizations came out of this adventure, and whether or not we found the trip financially successful (which many of us did), I believe our success can be truly measured by those dashes between the dots – the potential for the future, and the growth of our fundamental base as Artists. What a life we enjoy, and what fun to experience it together!

Our collective pride and thanks spills over to all those who helped make this trip a reality. From the organizers of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl to our generous sponsors – Tourism Powell River, Malaspina Art Society and Townsite Brewing.


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