2016, and the hope/love factor

It’s another New Year! I’m both excited and nervous to see how the year unfolds, but the following are some key factors that I believe will keep me hopeful, focused and on top of the niggles and doubts.

Last year was great. Actually, it was better than great! In regards to producing and sharing art it proved successful and rewarding in so many ways. My first solo show in June, a fabulous group show in July, the Filberg Festival in August and the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl in October were just a few highlights.

And then there’s this, my new studio space! In November, I moved into approximately 300 sq ft of work space in the former Bank of Montreal building in Powell River’s historic Townsite.

Studio Space

Here, I am surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a thriving and changing neighborhood, yet have the ability to shut out any distractions and focus on my new work. It is such a difference from working in my living room, warning kids and animals to stay away from wet paint, to simply turning a key, switching off a light and leaving everything as is without worry.

current work

The space is still a work in progress. The image above shows a new wall mounted easel, almost complete, that will hold much larger works. Below is an image of another new piece I began in December. Tired of working on the same images, I taped some left over canvas to the wall and started something new. Yes, I’m a procrastinator, this I know, but the freedom to change things up, and the space in which to do it has allowed that procrastination to make way for new beginnings!


Last, but by far from least on my list of factors is my wonderful husband of 15 years, Jordan. Not only is he my biggest fan, but he is the guy behind the scenes of much of what I do. From dealing with my moods and outbursts, to sharing in my joys and successes, he remains strong and gives truthful and constructive criticism. IMG_20151203_182830673His bright mind has successfully named a number of paintings when my own muddled mind has failed me.

A carpenter by trade he is also the talent that creates each frame, to my specifications, for every painting and print I create. This image shows just how far he will go to assist me, hanging this 6ft custom print for a local client!

As I settle into my groove in this New Year, I’d also like to extend my thanks to all of you who have supported me to date. My very best wishes to you all in 2016!

With hope, and much love,







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