What?! It’s February already?!

I was going to start with a New Years greeting, but feel I’m somewhat tardy in that respect. So, in honor of a new month, in a new year, I shall instead give you a little bit of history starting with my arrival in Canada, from Scotland, 14 years ago this month.

I still remember the view of the North Shore mountains as my plane landed at YVR. It was a beautiful day to arrive in a breathtaking landscape of mountains, trees and highways like I had never seen! I was 22 years old and arrived to the welcoming arms of a familiar Canadian, one who would later become my husband and father of our 2 beautiful children.

This month also marks the start of our 8th year here on the Sunshine Coast of BC. What an amazing and breathtaking place we live in! I still am thrilled to wake each day and be greeted by the changing cloud formations over the Comox glacier, by the currents and winds over the Salish Sea, and by the raw beauty of each nook and cranny of this coastline. Yesterday we spent a few hours at Palm beach and I have chosen to show a piece I am working on of that exact spot.  Palm beach is also the stunning backdrop for the annual Sunshine Music Festival, possibly the best spent weekend of each summer.

Wish you were here!001

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Happy Holidays!

Just a little something that is on the easel currently. J and I both reckon it’s about 80% done!! This is Yellowpoint on Vancouver Island. There’s a wonderful lodge there that we were fortunate enough to experience on our honeymoon all those years ago, and again in May this year. I would highly recommend it to you all, not only for the scenic location and acres of grounds, but also for the ambience and community atmosphere. FYI, Yellowpoint is adults only, so only those over the age of 16 can go. Happy Holidays to all, and check in soon for the completed work!

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Sunshine coast Art Crawl

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October 2013

Well October was a busy month! I was super thrilled to take part in the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, participating as the in-house artist at Townsite Brewing. It was a pleasure to meet local and visiting art enthusiasts, and of course, the regular beer enthusiasts too! For the crawl, I completed 2 new paintings, one I had been working on for some time, and the other, ‘Rowboats at Glenelg’ was an image I was fortunate to capture whilst back home in Scotland this past summer. I have posted a photograph of the completed work here.¬†Image

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Typha Light

Typha Light

Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, BC
18 x 36 Oil on Canvas

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